Hey, I’m Rahul Ranganath. I record and produce under the name Monohive . Why Monohive? I’m not really sure but, if you google this it’s the first thing you see and that’s a very satisfying feeling.

I developed an interest in recording almost immediately after learning to play guitar. A form of audio narcissism I suppose. While still a novice guitar player I began recording poorly performed covers of 90’s grunge bands onto a portable tape machine. noun_Tape Recorder_1996357But you could say that my production skills really started blossoming while recording the first album for the band I was in at the time, The Bicycle Days. I knew I had some potential when people who weren’t my mother started leaving decent reviews of the album.

I soon began to dabble in live sound and realised that this could be a lot of fun too. Now, I had yet another excuse to get a drink with my friends at a pub. I loved working live shows and I suppose my enthusiasm paid off as I later received offers to work as chief engineer at a number of venues in Bangalore including Kyra Theatre, Counter Culture and The Humming Tree. Following the release of a couple of albums and a few hundred shows both on and off stage I landed a job as a guitar and music production instructor at Taaqademy, Bangalore. I was also invited as a guest instructor at Audio Academy, Bangalore. I later went on to record and mix a couple of albums by Thermal and a Quarter and several more albums and singles by Parvaaz, Shepherd, Blushing Satellite , Brian Sivils and Beat Hierarchy to name a few.


I’ve also toured as FOH engineer with the likes of  Parvaaz, The Local Train, Thermal and a Quarter, When Chai Met Toast, F16s, Dhruv Vishvanah, Mantalai, MotherJane, Mad Orange Fireworks, Gauley Bhai, Peepal Tree and Swarathma. Not to mention hundreds of other acts that came through the venues that I worked in.


While completing my degree in Music Production and Business at Point Blank Music School, London I also acquired skills in developing audio for games and other media while also studying electronic music and sound design.

noun_Dog_2755593Music and sound consume every waking moment of my life in some way, shape or form. And its easy to get lost down this rabbit hole.Thankfully, welcome distractions come in the form of dogs that need walking and home made peanut butter jars that need re-filling.