Hey, I’m Rahul Ranganath. I record and produce under the name Monohive .

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I’ve been making my own music since the age of 15. I later entered the music business as a performer and engineer and never looked back. As a

I also spent several years as guitar and music production instructor at Taaqademy, Bangalore. I was also invited as a guest instructor at Audio Academy, Bangalore.


As my carrer in audio progressed I have and still tour as a front of house engineer with dozens of artists in and out of my country .


While completing my degree in Music Production and Business at Point Blank Music School, London I also acquired skills in developing audio for games and other media while also studying electronic music and sound design.


Music and sound consume every waking moment of my life in some way, shape or form. And its easy to get lost down this rabbit hole.Thankfully, welcome distractions come in the form of dogs that need walking and home made peanut butter jars that need re-filling.

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