MonoHive Sessions – Abhijeet Tambe with Tony Das live at Rooster Guitars

Abhijeet Tambe has been a part of various musical projects over the years. Most notably the Bangalore based act Lounge Piranha. He’s also explored sound design, performs live music for theatre and works with DSP. His latest foray into music making has led him to explore more traditional song writing if there is such aContinue reading “MonoHive Sessions – Abhijeet Tambe with Tony Das live at Rooster Guitars”

Rig rundown – Bruce Lee Mani

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tone snob, tone deaf, a riff junkie or the guy who spontaneously combusts if he doesn’t play a guitar solo on every song he writes. The one thing that unites all modern guitar players is gear. Please note that I use the term “unite” in the loosest sense possible.Continue reading “Rig rundown – Bruce Lee Mani”

MonoHive Sessions – Nikhil Narendra and Shreyas Dipali Live at Bflat

Kick starting a series of videos featuring artists that I feel are pushing themselves to explore some far out sounds. It’ll mostly revolve around live shows, but may branch out into other things. Here’s the first one featuring two very talented musicians from my hometown of Bangalore, India.

Reference tracks, loud mixes and Katz

Losing perspective The longer you mix, the more fatigued your ears get and you find yourself immersed in the microcosm of your own mix while the bigger picture slowly slips away. You spend hours doing this only to wake up the next morning to a mix that sounds like something your cat coughs up afterContinue reading “Reference tracks, loud mixes and Katz”

Tech 21’s Oxford: More Orange than Donald Trump

Everybody loves down tuned stoner doom guitars and people who say they don’t are most likely lying. As a guitarist and sound engineer, I often get asked about my preference of tone and gear and my reply is always the same – the simpler the better. Working on Bangalore based sludge band Shepherd had noContinue reading “Tech 21’s Oxford: More Orange than Donald Trump”