Affordable Brushed Drum Sample Pack

I was working on a project recently where I needed some decent brushed drums. I needed it to be simple and affordable since the project was on a pretty tight budget. Firstly, there just aren’t that many sample packs for brushed drums out there and the ones that do exist are pretty expensive. After lookingContinue reading “Affordable Brushed Drum Sample Pack”

Unity Engine walk-through project

As part of my game audio module at Point Blank Music School I had to create a walk-through using Unity Engine. The goal was to create an environment that you could navigate as a first person character. The environment once created had to be populated with character and environmental sounds. In this video I takeContinue reading “Unity Engine walk-through project”

To boldly go where no delay has gone before. Supermassive, the new free plugin from Valhalla.

Plugin manufacturer Valhalla is well known for their reverb plugins. They all come with simple interfaces, affordable price tags and wonderful algorithms. Their new offering Supermassive is no different. Its a delay plugin with bags of character and eight different feedback networks to choose from. According to their site “these algorithms run digital delay linesContinue reading “To boldly go where no delay has gone before. Supermassive, the new free plugin from Valhalla.”

Things to do before you mix

Mix prep is probably the most underrated topic in mixing. Probably because it’s also the least glamorous. When you’re watching a 10min video of you’re favorite engineer cutting 3 db from kick drum and suddenly it sits perfectly in the mix, but every time you do it you’re left wondering if it makes any differenceContinue reading “Things to do before you mix”

MonoHive Sessions – Dhruv Visvanath

This Monohive session has been produced in collaboration with the Toto Music Awards, who are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year! ​Dhruv Visvanath was first noticed at the Toto Music Awards in 2012, when he was a young and upcoming singer songwriter with a simple acoustic guitar and a voice. He was long-listed that yearContinue reading “MonoHive Sessions – Dhruv Visvanath”

Are some DAWs more equal than others ?

What’s the best sounding DAW ? The Digital Audio Workstation or DAW for short is the ubiquitous centrepiece of the modern recording studio. Every studio on earth probably uses the DAW in some form or the other. It wasn’t always like this though before useable software and hardware arrived on the scene in the 90’sContinue reading “Are some DAWs more equal than others ?”

This could completely change how you use compressors.

It’s been way too long since my last upload. Towards the end of the year 2016  got a bit crazy with gigs and whatnot. But now that the dust has settled, I’ve decided it’s time to indulge the people who depend on this blog to demystify their production queries. All five of them… Compressors canContinue reading “This could completely change how you use compressors.”