Music Production

Music for film, games, TV and maybe even your twitch stream as well as post production support.

Sound Design

Synthesis, manipulating field recordings and plenty of creative processing techniques to bring any project to life.


From studio to stage giving your music the best possible edge to impress an audience.


Run – Single

When Jeremiah approached me with this song he had a strong vocal hook and some acoustic guitar backing chords. After a couple of weeks of programming the drums, keys and bass it was just a matter of putting down the right electric guitar parts to act as a call / response element with the vocals.

If you like Jeremiah’s music, check out his other work on his youtube page

Virtual Forest – Launch Video

The stop motion aspect of this video made it a bit challenging when it came down to the sound effects. The animation was referencing certain denser materials like rock and steel but it was obviously paper. It was hard to balance the lighter and heavier sounds but after a few days recording around the house and my back yard I had everything I needed to make this work. 

The animation was done by Sharanya Ramesh, check out her work here : https://sharanyaramesh.in/

Violence In The World Of Home-Based Work – PSA

Another stop motion piece by Sharanya, this one has a darker tone to it. The emphasis was more on the music rather than sound effects. The music transitions from sombre to hopeful and back again and the SFX helps glue all that together. 

Color White – Single

I was asked to record and mix the single for this band. Because the brush work on the snare was so quiet compared to the cymbals I recorded all the different elements of the drum kit as separate takes. It was an unusual approach but it worked out really well for the part.


Rahul is one of the most professional and easy to work with. His attention to detail and knack for finding just the right sound and mood for a project have blown me away time and time again. I would recommend him to anyone looking to create or produce any kind of high quality project. Period

– Tony Spears, podcast host.


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